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June 2010 "A Parable For Life"
Elephants Play-fighting, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Oblivious to the fact that the rest of the herd has finished drinking water from the river and have moved on, these two elephant sub-teens continued to tussle on the bank for a good 15 minutes. Part exhuberance of youth and part getting an early start at determining their ranking in the herd, these two young males squandered their chance to play in the river for continual jousting and pushing. Just part of growing up...

Canon 1D Mark II camera, EF 100-400mm f4.5L IS lens at 360mm, exposure of 1/400 at f8, ISO 250, handheld with Image Stabilization.

May 2010 "Nenana River Breakup"
Nenana River Breakup Ice
Candle Ice
Beakup Along The Nenana River, Denali National Park & Preserve

The annual breakup of Alaskan river ice is underway, and this week that included the Nenana River, which littered the river banks with huge ice chunks that will slowly melt in place.

As the blocks of ice become rotten, vertical columns of ice break off as melting begins at the individual ice crystal level. The pieces resemble candles, hence the name "candle ice".

Canon 5D Mark II camera, EF 24-105mm f4L IS lens at 24mm, exposures of 1/250 and 1/100 at f10, ISO 100, handheld with Image Stabilization.

April 2010 "Squirrel Feeder"
Red Squirrel, Alaska Range Mountains, Alaska

I guess when placing and maintaining a bird feeder, you just have to accept that it also becomes a squirrel feeder. Based on markings and behavior, I have probably three different Red Squirrels sharing the Arctic Wild Bird Seed with the resident Boreal Chickadees and Common Redpolls. I don't mind that, but have been known to 'shoo' them away if they get too greedy.

Canon 5D Mark II camera, EF 100-400mm f4.5L IS lens at 390mm, exposure of 1/250 at f8, ISO 3200, handheld with Image Stabilization.

March 2010 "Double Exposure"
Double Exposed Cheetah, Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

In the days of film, it was not uncommon to rewind the partially exposed roll of film in your camera and replace it with another of different ASA speed to better match the current lighting conditions. But accidents did happen--like running out of film as a cheetah approached, and in haste, accidently loading a partially exposed roll of film. The result was a partial roll of double exposed images, usually unusable. This serendipitous glimpse into the daily life of a cheetah was the only "almost usable" image off the roll.

Nikon F4 camera, Nikkor 500mm f4 ED-IF lens, Ektachrome film, exposure unknown.

February 2010 "One Less Bunny"
Goshawk Eating Snowshoe Hare, Interior Alaska

During a walk yesterday I found this Goshawk feeding on a Snowshoe Hare carcass on the edge of my property. From the spoor in the snow, it appears the bunny was crossing the powerline right-of-way when the hawk swooped in from above. Since the hare population in the Denali area has recently crashed, this winter I have had only two yard bunnies--and very likely, now only one. But such is the way of Nature--everyone needs to eat... And since the Goshawk tolerated my presence, I expect he was very hungry.

Canon 5D Mark II camera, EF 100-400mm f4.5L IS lens at 400mm, exposure of 1/200 at f5.6, ISO 400, with Canon Speedlight 580EX, handheld with Image Stabilization.

January 2010 "We're No Dummies"
Nakuru Giraffes
Baringo Giraffes, Lake Nakuru NP, Kenya

In Kenya, the Short Rains of late-October through November start with daily afternoon showers, some of which can be torrential. On one such afternoon, this group of male giraffes decided that seeking shelter from the downpour under a large acacia tree would be the driest thing to do.

Canon 20D camera, EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS lens at 135mm, exposure of 1/125 at f8, ISO 400, handheld with Image Stabilization.