Naturally there is more to the story when visiting exotic locations than just the photographs.   For the last several years I've been participating in the SafariTalk forum, a group of avid safari-goers who share their experiences with other members, and I've written some Trip Reports for the forum.  It is easy to join SafariTalk, and even if you never plan to go on safari, you can travel vicariously through the words and pictures of others.

The Iceland Trip Reports were written for friends and family, so might not be as polished, but I think still informative.

Sleeping Lion

Late March and early April, 2013

Green Season On The Serengeti

You've probably noticed that many of the Africa images you've seen have burnt brown backgrounds, the result of months without any rain. At least for East Africa, rain usually falls in November and December (the short rains) and in March, April and May (the long rains).  Most of my older images have some green in them, since I was usually photographed at the start of the short rains during mid-October and late-November.  But the peak tourist season is July through September, months after any rain has fallen, so all the grasses are a bleached brown.  Starting with the Masai Mara in 2012, I decided I wanted some luscious greens for a background, but at the risk of getting rained out...

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Male Leopard

March, 2012

Green Season On The Masai Mara

As I explained above, this visit to the Masai Mara (actually the Mara North Conservancy, bordering on the north edge of the Game Reserve) was purposely planned for early May, just at the end of the long rains. Luckily the record breaking rains had just ended, but I did experience some of the problems one can expect during or just after the rainy season.

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Gullfoss Waterfalls

Mid-June to Early July, 2012

Early Summer In Iceland

As I mentioned on the entry page, I discovered Iceland several years ago--not that I hadn't wanted to visit sooner, but my summer-oriented job prevented that until I retired.  Iceland is so Alaskan, but so not...

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Atlantic Puffin

Late May to mid-June, 2013

(Too) Early Summer In Iceland

During the last week of my 2012 visit (early July) to Iceland, I was struck by the number of tourists--they were everywhere, much to the detriment of my photography--so I made a mental note that maybe next time I should visit a week or two earlier.  I assume you've heard the phrase "the plans of mice and men often go astray"?

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Elephant Feeding

October, 2015

Early October On The Northern Serengeti

Join me on a photographic tour of the Northern Serengeti in Tanzania, just below the Kenyan border, for wildebeest crossing the Mara River, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, lions, zebras and much more.

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